“I'm going out with the Labirinto group. At Carnival there are masks and mandingos. It's great fun because everyone is dressed up, there are drums and noise. I already have my ticket for the school carnival party, and I'm going to dress up as a bunny because I love bunnies. »
Flavia, 9 years old

“I went to Carnival, danced with a group and had a great time. There's great music, and I really like the floats, especially the ones with dragons, and also the ones with the king and queen. I also like Mandingas, they are black and they are full of motor oil.
I'm going out in a group this year, I'm going to dress up as a capoeirista. »
Rudnei, 7 years old

“One day in February we celebrate Carnival. It's a very beautiful party because people are masked.
In the center of Mindelo, there are the Mandingas, the princess and the king are up there on their float, and we on the ground are dancing the samba, the jurors are going to watch the groups parading until nightfall. »
Heidi, 8 years old

“During Carnival, men dress as women and women dress as men. When the floats pass, people dance and the Mandingas cross the crowd. The floats are covered with pretty flowers of all colors and animals from all countries, but they are made of plastic. It moves a lot, I love Carnival because there's a lot of noise, that's what I like. There are a lot of people and it's a traditional party which is fantastic. »
Erine, 8 years old

“Our Carnival is more fun than in the other islands. There are a lot of people and a lot of floats. When February arrives, there's new music to dance to. I love Carnival, almost everyone loves Carnival. The boys get ready to play on their drums, the Mandingas paint themselves with oil and are very ugly. »
Ieda, 13 years old