Carnival 2020

The 2020 edition (that of carelessness before the storm that threatened the world) will have been that of Monte Sossego, the group having won almost all the awards at the end of the parade on February 25, 2020, a kind of response to the blitz carried out the previous year by the large rival group Cruzeiros do Norte.
This edition will also have been marked by the adoption of a new voting system to designate the winners and improve transparency in the functioning of the jury: moreover, we may have overdone it, knowing that the announcement ceremony and awards ceremony lasted more than three hours, five to six times longer than in previous editions.

Group ranking
1. Monte Sossego
2. Cruzeiros do Norte
3. Vindos do Oriente
4. Estrela do Mar
5. Flores do Mindelo

The 2020 results:
Carnival Queen 2020: Alcione Cruz (Monte Sossego)
King of Carnival 2020: Fredy Sousa (Monte Sossego)
1st Princess: C铆ntia Camila (Monte Sossego)
2nd Princess: Cilene Camila (Monte Sossego)
Flag bearer ("Porte-bandeira"): Katia Ferreira (Monte Sossego)
Master of Ceremony ("Mestre-Sala"): Ridson Monteiro (Monte Sossego)
Drum Queen ("Rainha da Bateria"): Andreia Gomes (Cruzeiros do Norte)
Drums/batucada: Cruzeiros do Note (by draw after perfect tie)
Best Music: "Fatcha, Fatcha" (Constantino Cardoso) - Monte Sossego
Best float (Carro): Vindos do Oriente

At least, this Carnival 2020 was also that of the birth of a delicious little Yasmine of 3 and a half kilos, who came out of the maternity ward at the time of the big parade: you will therefore forgive her happy father for not having been able to photograph the parade of Cruzeiros do Norte.

Carnival 2020: the photos

Before the parade

Tropical Samba

(Monday evening)

In this gallery: 31 photos

The Grand Parade

Monte Sossego

In this gallery: 35 photos

Estrela do Mar

In this gallery: 18 photos

Vindos do Oriente

In this gallery: 41 photos

Carnival 2020: music

Samba Tropical

Sonhe divinal
(Jotac锚 & An铆sio)

Professores (teachers)

Soncent Ka Ta Na Cinema
(Val贸dia Monteiro)

Mindel, cinema t'abert pa Tud gente
Pa recebe quem t谩 pert quem ta longe.
Ness coboiada, nos tud 茅 sport.
Bendit no ka tem.
Bendit no k konches.

Soncent, maravilha, mostram Moulin Rouge.
Soncent, fantasia,
brinca m谩 Charlot.

Abri bos oi.
Corda dess filme
N 茅 bo ke Django.
Ness arena d vida
No ka tem med d bitch rum nem d'Anaconda.

脫ia Bruce Lee bo salta na lorg.
Ness mercad negro, bilhete ka tem pre莽o
Pa 贸ia Demmi Moore ou Marlin Monroe.
Hollywood ta na Soncent.

Ai! Ai!Ai!
Oi oi oi oi
Bem ma professor k feeling e vigor.
Li ka tem "the end".
Ness carnaval, 茅 samb谩, 茅 s贸 samb谩.

Li ma Astaire bo mostra ke bo ke star.
Bo 茅 mas gal茫 k Di Caprio e Brad Pitt.
Tuta ma 脡den mostram tcheu cosa d vida.
脡 ingotch 茅 botchada.
Sai pa lorg, bo spia bo ala. ( bis)

脫ia Bruce Lee bo salta na lorg
Ness mercado negro, bilhete Ka tem pre莽o
Pa 贸ia Demmi Moore ou Marlin Monroe.
Hollywood ta na Soncent.

Ai Ai A铆 Ai
Oi Oi Oi Oi
Bem ma professor k feeling e vigor
Li Ka tem " the end'"
Ness carnaval 茅 samb谩, 茅 s贸 samb谩.

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Cruzeiros do Norte

Um t'otch谩 dritim
(Jotac锚 & An铆sio)

Vindos do Oriente

Sab ka ta do锚
(Jotac锚 & An铆sio)

Monte Sossego

Fatcha Fatcha n'arena
(Constantin Cardoso)

Robe pa terra cabe莽a pa mar
Cada oi mau ba imp锚ce la n'inferre

T贸cha caramocha, futcera de robe azeda
Figa canhota oi li tr谩s boca n'esse frente
Nos carnaval ca tem corve 锚 que ta g么ral

Ipsis verbis plat茫o reza a escrita
N么s terra 锚 um pad贸ce d'Atlantida
V么v么 conta nos est贸ria na estera
D'Xibim Ti Lobe ma Blimunde
D'sereia, princesa e ques coza d'repi谩
Atlantes d'Monts煤 ca ta verg谩 na terrer

Fatch谩 fatch谩 futcera,
Fatch谩 fatch谩 n'arena
S'b么 锚 bruxa colada,
Pilotame esse bassora
Ba ta espaiame
Tud esse lumnara d'esse robe

脭 Mindel esconjur谩 b么s pesadel
Fazel dufemador,
Benzel b么 fnil r贸be
Esse fitice d'esse n么s Carnaval
Ca tem quebrante na mund 锚 que ta paral
B么 锚 menine incant贸de,
B么 tem golden glow

脭 massongue brime camim, brime camim
D'锚ss magia d'Monts煤 nem coza rum ta escap谩

Vra prali 茅 capotona
Vra prala alma penada
G么ng么n, noiva, p茅 d'cabra
Tra na mim nha catchorr贸na
Corre corre pa canilinha ca peg么be
Dal um bandinha esconjuntal tud ussim

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