Four official bands were in competition on February 12, 2013 to delight the massive crowd gathered in the streets of Mindelo and to score the most points with the jury.

Group ranking
1. Cruzeiros do Norte
2. Flores do Mindelo
3. Monte Sossego
4. Sonhos Sem Limites

Carnival Queen 2013: Risoleta Costa (Cruzeiros do Norte)
Carnival King 2013: Eldon Brito (Cruzeiros do Norte)
1st Princess: Edna Lopes (Cruzeiros do Norte)
2nd Princess: Ivaina Abu-Raya (Flores de Mindelo)
Flag bearer ("Porte-bandeira"): Joanilda Dias (Cruzeiros do Norte)
Master of Ceremony ("Mestre-Sala"): Kelvin Rocha (Cruzeiros do Norte)
Best float ("Carro"): Cruzeiros do Norte (Maquina de dactilografia)
Best Music: "Sonho Astral" (Constantino Cardoso) - Sonhos Sem Limites
Special Prize to Fernando Morais (design of the queen's and king's costumes)


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