Few groups on February 16, 2010 since the official parade was to decide between only four competitors: Flores de Mindelo paid tribute to fishermen, Monte Sossego revisited the origins and evolution of the world, Sonhos Sem Limites transported the public into the cinematographic universe while that the Jovens of Monte Sossego completely missed their intervention, without the required number of tanks, in disorder and with a very big delay.

Group ranking
1. Flores do Mindelo
2. Monte Sossego
3. Sonhos Sem Limites
4. Jovens de Monte Sossego

Carnival Queen 2010: Ivanilda Delgado (Flores do Mindelo)
Carnival King 2010: Elvis Leite (Sonhos Sem Limites)
1st Princess: Eneida Vitória (Flores do Mindelo)
2nd Princess: Diná Ribeiro (Sonhos Sem Limites)
Flag bearer ("Porte-bandeira"): Elisângela Brito (Flores do Mindelo)
Master of Ceremony ("Mestre-Sala"): Agostinho Rodrigues (Sonhos Sem Limites)
Best float (Carro): Flores do Mindelo
Best Music: "Histórias de Mindelo" (Constantino Cardoso) - Sonhos Sem Limites